Section 8 Program Owner Corner

Owner Benefits of Participation

  • Timely, dependable rental payments
  • An additional pool of applicants
  • Free property listings with GoSection8
  • Direct deposit of rental assistance payment from AHA
  • AHA adjusts share of the rent if your tenant suffers a loss of income

Owner Brochure

 Click here to read about "How the Program Works" in our current Anaheim Owner Brochure. 

List your Rental Property

Click here for information on how to list your property for free on (formerly!

Rent Increases

Click here for information about submitting rent increase requests.

Partner Portal

Partner Portal is an online tool that allows Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) landlords to review information about their payments and tenants at their own convenience. Click here to access the portal. 

Forms for Owners

Payment Standards - Effective 10/01/2023

Payment Standards are the maximum allowable gross rent (rent + utilities) payable by the Anaheim Housing Authority.

 Table A - For use in all Anaheim

Bedroom Size Payment Standards
0 $2,133
1 $2,325
2 $2,793
3 $3,793
4 $4,436
5 $5,101
6 $5,767