TreePower Residential Program

TreePower, a partnership between Anaheim Public Utilities and City of Anaheim Community Services, offers two programs to provide trees to Anaheim single family residents.* In addition, we offer tree rebates for homeowners interested in purchasing their own. 
 Shade trees that are properly planted can help cut the costs of air conditioning as well as beautify residences and the community as a whole. 

*Must be Anaheim electric customer

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How the Program Works

Free Shade Tree Delivery
  1. Browse through our online catalog to select a tree you would like. You can receive up to six (6) free trees delivered to your home for free.
  2. Call us at 714-491-TREE, or sign up online to schedule an appointment.
  3. During your visit, a TreePower representative will:
    • Ask you to sign a planting agreement
    • Discuss delivery arrangements
    • Help site the best location for your tree(s)
    • Provide you with planting and maintenance tips
    • Recommend different types of trees that will maximize shading and require minimal pruning
  4. Your trees will be delivered in about three to four weeks for you to promptly plant and stake.
  5. Residents living near wildfire threat zones can review recommended tree selection and planting instructions below.

Homes Near Fire Threat Zones

Properties in or near fire threat zones are at a higher risk for wildfire damage. By planting approved shade trees and following any Anaheim Fire & Rescue recommendations to improve fire safety, you will protect your home.

Shade Tree Rebate

With this program, you have the freedom to select your own trees and to plant them whenever you'd prefer.
  1. TreePower will provide you with a rebate coupon (call 714-491-TREE), which is available exclusively for single-family homes. You can get as many as 3 trees, and you will be reimbursed up to $20 per tree.
  2. Go to any nursery you'd like and select the tree(s) yourself. (Be sure to save your receipt!) Please note the recommended tree types and that trees must be 5-gallons or larger when purchased, and with a mature height not to exceed 25 feet. 
  3. Plant your tree(s) at your convenience. The location of your tree must comply with program guidelines - at least eight (8) feet from the house and on the east, south or west side of your home.
  4. Once planted, mail your receipt and coupon to: 
    TreePower-Residential Rebate Program
    P.O. Box 3222 
    Anaheim, CA 92803
  5. Within about 10 days of receipt, a TreePower specialist will inspect your tree(s) for correct planting locations and qualifying species.
  6. Following the inspection, your rebate check will be mailed to you within approximately 30 days.

Program Advantages

Well-placed, mature shade trees can reduce air conditioning use by 10-40%, saving money on your electric bill. Concrete, asphalt and glass store and reflect heat. Heat is also generated by vehicles and manufacturing. Shade trees can reduce water use of a lawn by 30-50%.

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