Become an Anaheim CERT Volunteer

Below are the requirements to become an official CERT Volunteer with the City of Anaheim. 

Basic Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Form
  • Livescan with Anaheim PD

CERT Type 3 (Basic)

  • Completion of Basic Volunteer Requirements
  • Completion of CERT Basic Academy

CERT Type 2 (Deployable)

  • All Type 3 Requirements
  • Completion of IS-100
  • Completion of IS-700
  • Completion of American Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Training

CERT Type 1 (Responder)

  • All Type 2 Requirements
  • Completion of IS-200
  • Completion of IS-800
  • Completion of Basic First Aid, CPR, AED Training
  • Completion of CERT Mutual Aid Program (CMAP) Training Course