Neighborhood Team Sites

Anaheim CERT is taking the Neighborhood Team Concept to new levels! Through funding from the Urban Areas Securities Initiative (UASI) grant, CERT was able to purchase Neighborhood Team Response Kits with supplies and equipment for a search and rescue team of 10 to 15 people, medical response materials for approximately 100 to 300 minor victims, and equipment to set up a command post and triage and treatment areas.

Team Kits
These fully stocked Neighborhood Team Kits will reside throughout the community at the parks, schools, and churches.

Team Captains

Currently, Anaheim has 12 Neighborhood Team Captains. Please see the map below for the team site nearest you use this link to map your address along with the team sites, or view a larger version.

Map Legend
  1. Twila Reid Park, 3100 West Orange Avenue
  2. Magnolia School District, 2705 West Orange Avenue
  3. Stoddard Park, 1901 South 9th Street
  4. Pearson Park, 400 North Harbor Boulevard
  5. Hampton, Chain and Gain Street, 200 Block of Hampton Street
  6. Magnolia Baptist Church, 720 South Magnolia Avenue
  7. Yorba Regional Park, 7600 East La Palma Avenue
  8. Albert Schweitzer School, 229 South Dale Avenue
  9. West Anaheim Youth Center and PD Station, 320 South Beach Boulevard
  10. Modjeska Park, 1331 South Nutwood Street
  11. Centralia School District, 6625 La Palma Avenue, Buena Park
  12. Eucalyptus Park, 100 South Quintana