Commercial Energy Incentives

  1. Air Conditioner Incentive

    As your air conditioning unit approaches the end of its useful life expectancy of 15 years, replacing it with a new, high-efficiency unit can save 40-60% on electricity. Available incentives are based on the energy efficiency ratios, ranging from $75 - $400 per ton.

  2. Comprehensive Energy Audit

    Find ways that your facility can be more energy efficient by taking advantage of the Comprehensive Energy Audit Program; our Energy Experts can assist you.

  3. Customized Energy Incentives

    Explore qualifying energy efficiency opportunities for energy saving technologies that are specific to your business operation and receive $.015 per kWh annual savings or up to $400 per kW reduced, whichever is greater.

  4. Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

    Receive free high-efficiency LED or fluorescent lights with photo sensors that automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

  5. Economic Development / Business Retention Rate

    Find out how your business could be eligible for a monthly energy credit through the economic development/business retention rate incentive.

  6. Exit Sign Incentive Program

    Switch existing exit signs from incandescent or fluorescent lamps to more efficient lighting technology and receive $35 per fixture retrofit or 50 percent of installation cost, whichever is less.

  7. Heat Pump Incentives Program

    Provides incentives of $100-$400 per ton for replacing existing heat pumps with high efficiency heat pump units

  8. Lighting Incentives Program

    Available incentives for a host of lighting efficiency applications ranging from $0.05-$0.15 per kWh annual savings or from $150-$400 per kW reduced.

  1. Motor Incentive Program

    Upgrading your existing motors horsepower (Hp) system with premium efficiency motors can save more money than you might think – available incentives up to $1400 per unit, based on Hp and efficiency.

  2. New Construction Incentives

    If you are targeting high energy efficient equipment for your new construction or major facility expansion projects, our Energy Experts can help you with our Design Review Assistance Program. Receive incentives of $400 per kW when exceeding current Title 24 energy standard.

  3. Powerlink

    Access the Powerlink login page.

  4. Property Assessed Financing (PACE)

    (PACE) Property owners may obtain financing for energy efficiency, water conservation and solar energy improvements that is repaid as assessments on their property tax bills.

  5. Public EV Charger Rebate

    Receive a rebate for actual equipment & installation costs up to $5,000 per charger for public access EV charging stations serving visitors, patrons, employees, or residents of multi-unit dwelling locations within Anaheim (up to $10,000 per charger for school or qualified affordable housing locations).

  6. Small Business Energy Management Assistance

    Designed to meet the energy efficiency needs of Small Businesses (50 kW and under). We offer a site visit and an energy survey report which details selected measures at low cost or at no cost for your business when qualified.

  7. TreePower Program

    Program provides an opportunity to beautify your business and reduce energy cost at no cost to the customer.