Administrative Permit Log

Certain permits are processed at staff level and have a 10 day appeal period. The following is a list of those permits that have been reviewed along with other pertinent case information. Any requests to appeal a decision of the Planning Director must be filed with the Planning Department by 5 p.m. on the last day of the appeal period or the following business day if the last day is a holiday or weekend. The exhibits can be reviewed at the Planning Department at:
200 S Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805
Case Number
Location Description Contact Person
Appeal Period Ends
MIS2018-00668 1700 South Lewis Street

New 60-foot tall stealth ground-mounted telecommunication antenna.

Lisandro Orozco
​ (714) 765-5381
SCW2018-00050 1501 East Cerritos Avenue Temporary placement of storage tent. Arlette Kim
(714) 765-4959
ADJ2018-00423 3335 East La Palma Avenue Increase of permitted floor area ratio. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
ADJ2018-000427 321 South Magnolia, Unit 321 Reduction of required parking spaces from 63 to 60 spaces (5% reduction) Lisandro Orozco
​​(714) 765-5381 ​
FSP2000-00013A Magic Way between Downtown Drive and Disneyland Drive Amendment to Final Site Plan No. 2000-00013 for proposed pedestrian bridge. Elaine Thienprasiddhi
​(714) 765-4568
MIS2018-00690 217 North Lemon Street New building-mounted telecommunication antenna. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
MIS2019-00698 333 West Cerritos Avenue New stealth ground-mounted telecommunication antenna. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
MIS2018-000687 925 South Weir Canyon New building-mounted stealth telecommunication antenna in Ronald Reagan Park. Lisandro Orozco
​​(714) 765-5381 ​