What are the benefits of the expansion?
With this expansion, ACC will be able to:

Retain existing business.

Capture larger meeting intensive conventions. ACC currently cannot accommodate due to lack of meeting space.

Maximize our occupancy by holding concurrent conventions. With an expanded Convention Center, the ACC will have room to hold multiple large events simultaneously, or have one event being set up while another event is breaking down.

Replace Car Park 1- a parking structure in need of significant repair. The ongoing maintenance effort to keep Car Park 1 operational has been increasing for several years. Surveys conducted by structural engineers on a semi-annual basis show a steady increase in number of slab crack repairs, as well as column support, spall repairs, and lack of ceiling height to allow for seismic retrofitting.

Capitalize on economic and fiscal benefits. The total measurable tax revenue to the City is estimated to be $9.5 million annually or $112 million over a 10-year operating period.

Create jobs. An estimated 1,860 jobs during construction will be created and 2,043 new jobs will be supported annually.

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1. What is the expansion plan for the Anaheim Convention Center?
2. Why is Anaheim expanding the Convention Center?
3. How will Anaheim pay for the ACC expansion?
4. What are the benefits of the expansion?
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6. How do we know that increasing our flex space is the best way to grow our Convention Center?
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