What if Anaheim does not expand ACC?
If Anaheim does not expand the ACC, new convention opportunities will be lost to our competition. Event planners have communicated that they have outgrown ACC’s current space, but would prefer to continue holding their events at ACC if there was enough exhibit/meeting space. As an example, the National Association of Music Merchants, a trade show for insiders in the music industry, comes to Anaheim annually for four days, drawing more than 1,500 exhibitors and nearly 100,000 visitors. That results in about $90 million locally, which is undeniably a significant amount of money to our local economy.

Ultimately, if we do nothing to the ACC then it is estimated that event activity will decrease, we will see an increase in operating loss, and reduction in the overall economic and fiscal benefits. In fact, by doing nothing, it will have a negative effect on the tax revenue that comes into the City’s General Fund. This tax revenue is a viable and critical financial source and it is used to fund the bulk of city services. Whereas, if we expand the ACC, it will not only enhance its marketability but also improve the Convention Center's competitive position for the next 10-15 years.

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