What is the Paramedic Membership Program and who is covered by the program?

Anaheim Fire & Rescue currently offers a Paramedic Membership Program to residents and businesses within the City of Anaheim. The program is designed to protect the citizens of Anaheim in the event of an emergency by waiving the cost of the paramedic response fee.

Should you need emergency medical services, a $399 response fee will be charged for each person. As an alternative to paying this fee, the Paramedic Membership Program allows residents and business owners the option of paying $43 a year ($3.58 per month) to have the $399 response fee waived from their bill.

For a residential account, membership covers the department's emergency medical response costs for all who reside in your home anywhere in the City of Anaheim 24 hours a day. The program also covers those who have a medical emergency while visiting your home.

For the business program, membership covers the department's response costs for all your employees while working at your business in the City of Anaheim. Customers of the business are not covered by the program, but their individual residential program may cover them if they reside in the City of Anaheim.

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1. What is the Paramedic Membership Program and who is covered by the program?
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