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Pearson Park Amphitheatre - Theatre Rental Request Application

  2. Proof of your 501C3 Non-profit status must be received by Community Services Department to receive Non-Profit Rates.
  6. Type of event
  7. Please provide title and description of event
  8. Expected Attendance
  9. This event is
  10. VIP Section/Preferred Seating:
  12. Alcohol service: Requires six (6) security guards and one (1) supervisor security guard, for a maximum service time of 4 hours.
  13. Concessions:
  14. Food Concessions:
    The City of Anaheim can provide, at your request, onsite concessions. All revenues generated by concessions offered by City of Anaheim theatre personnel are retained by the City and will be operated out of the concession stand.
  15. Business License:
    The City of Anaheim requires a business license if you are selling merchandise or food at your event. You may obtain a business license by visiting the Business License Division at City Hall, 1st Floor, 200 South Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805 or calling (714) 765-5194. A valid Board of Equalization Permit is required at the time of application. The City issues Annual Business license permits for $75 ($40 tax and $35 processing fee) for commercial organizations. Annual Non-Profit business license may be obtained for $35 processing fee. Please contact Business License Division directly for permit processing at at least two weeks prior to your event date.
  16. Health Permit:
    Orange County requires a permit if you are planning to serve or sell food at your event. You must contact the Health Department for a Temporary Food Facilities/Food Booth Permit to obtain a permit in person at Orange County Department of Health Environmental Division located at 1241 East Dyer Road Santa Ana, CA 92705. Permit fees range based on the type of food you are planning on selling and the number of days you will be using the permit. A valid permit must be obtained and received by the Community Services Department 7 days prior to your event. Please visit for the most updated information and fee schedule.
  17. The event organizer is requesting the following:
  18. Insurance Requirements:
    The City of Anaheim requires a minimum of one million dollars ($1 Million) in liability insurance for facility use. Events with higher risk levels may require additional insurance coverage as determined by the Risk Manager; these may include, but are not limited to, events that include alcohol. One month prior to event date, you will need to submit a certificate of insurance and endorsement that names as additional insured, the “the City of Anaheim, California, its officers, agents, employees, representatives and volunteers” to the Community Services department. The name of the insured on the certificate/endorsement you submit must match the name of the host organization using the Pearson Park Amphitheatre. Insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the event including set-up and load out dates/times.
  19. By signing below, I attest that I understand this application does not guarantee or hold the facility for my event and that I will be notified if my application has been approved. Furthermore, that I have received a copy of the Pearson Park Amphitheatre Rental Informational Packet and ACS General Guidelines, and understand that failure to comply with all Community Service Department conditions may result in disapproval of the rental agreement.
  20. I read and understand the above statement.
  21. Executed on:
  22. Rental Fees:
    Amphitheatre (Four hour minimum- includes House Mgr. ~ $35 per hour & Basic Technical Crew of 4 ~ $200 per hour – Director, sound, lights, spot)
    • $560 per hour Non-Resident, Commercial
    • $503 per hour Resident, Commercial
    • $474 per hour Non-Resident, Individual
    • $445 per hour Non-Resident, Non-Profit
    • $428 per hour Resident
    • $399 per hour Resident, Non-Profit

    Patio Area Rental Only
    • $58 per hour Non-Resident, Commercial
    • $52 per hour Resident, Commercial
    • $40 per hour Non-Resident, Individual
    • $35 per hour Non-Resident, Non-Profit
    • $35 per hour Resident
    • $30 per hour Resident, Non-Profit
  23. Deposit:
    • $1000 Security Deposit for Amphitheatre and Patio
    • $125 Security Deposit for Patio Only
  24. Required Charges:

    • $20.00 fixed fee - Application Fee (Non-refundable)
    • $75.00 fixed fee - Administration fee (Non-refundable)
    • $35.00 per hour - Manager
    • $200.00 fixed fee - Post-Event Cleaning
    • $84.00 per weekend Dumpster Rental (required for food vending)
    • $502.69 per weekend Roll Off Dumpster Rental (required for large events)
    • $50.00 flat fee Banner Installation Fee (per banner on stage)
    • $300.00 per hour Overtime for Technical over 8 hours
    • $400.00 per hour Double overtime after 12 hours
    • $75 per hour Anaheim Police per officer
    • $75 per hour Basic Team of 3 Security Officers
    • (upon renter’s request/ or required by CS)
    • $125 fixed fee Marley Dance Floor*
    *Soft soled footwear must be worn by all performers who utilize the Marley Floor at Pearson Park Amphitheatre. Tap Shoes and other hard soled shoes are not permitted on this surface
    • $23 per hour per each facility staff; quantity to be determined by Community Services representative
    ✓ Full payment must be received 90 days in advance of the event date, or as determined by ACS representative.
  25. Equipment:List of equipment included in facility charges.
  26. Stanchions - 13 Stanchions
  27. Podium - 1 Available
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