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Recreation Class Instructor Application

  1. Recreation Class Instructor Proposal Guidelines

    Instructors are hired as contract employees. In order to comply with Internal Revenue Service regulations concerning tax withholding, the City of Anaheim's Personnel and Finance Departments, and City Attorney have mandated that we adopt the following requirements for contract instructors:

    1. Instructor must teach for more than one agency or be employed in the field they are teaching.
    2. Instructor must have or obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number. There is no fee to obtain a Federal Tax ID Number. Call the IRS at (800) 829-1040 for more information.
    3. Instructor must charge students directly for supplies, require students to obtain their own once a supply list is issued, or provide the supplies themselves. The City of Anaheim will not provide supplies.
    4. Instructor will need to furnish liability insurance if he or she will be teaching sports, fitness, or dance classes, or other high risk classes, naming the City of Anaheim as "additional insured." Recreation Specialist/Classes will advise you of the amount of insurance required, as well as whether or not an endorsement is required.
    5. All instructors must furnish verification of negative TB test (less than two years old). This may be obtained at the Orange County Health Department or from your doctor.
    6. The Anaheim Community Services Department must fingerprint instructors.
    7. Please include a minimum of two references from current or past cities, community colleges, or places, which you have taught the class (es) in reference to your proposal.

    Compensation for instructors teaching at a City provided facility is 65% of the registration received for the class. Instructors teaching at their own facility will receive 70% of the registration from their class(es). It is in your best interest to assist the Department in getting students for your class as your compensation is based on the number of students enrolled.

    Please fully complete all fields of this class proposal application. The information submitted will assist us in evaluating whether to offer your class. Once we have reviewed your application, you may be asked to appear for an interview.

    Anaheim Community Services
    200 S. Anaheim Blvd., #433
    Anaheim, CA 92805 

    Department Phone Number (714) 765-5191

  2. Class Information

  3. Upload a sample course syllabus or course outline used in the class you are proposing.

  4. (Please write a short, concise, yet descriptive paragraph about your class, which could be used in our quarterly Anaheim Guide to Activities & Programs)

  5. Facilities requested
  6. Class Details
  7. 7. Supplies needed?
  8. If yes:
  9. Equipment Needed
  10. Instructor Background
  11. Upload a resume detailing your experience teaching or coaching this type of activity.

  12. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Fredette, Community Services Coordinator at (714) 765-5191 or
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