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Trespassing Letter

  1. The Trespassing Letter Program enables business owners in the City of Anaheim to place a PC 602 (Trespassing) letter on file with the Anaheim Police Department.

    Letter Criteria

    • The letter must be composed by you or your company on a company letterhead.
    • The letter must be signed by a person who has a vested interest in the property, for example: the property manager, owner, or employee.
    • The letter must contain phone numbers and an email address for the person signing the letter.
    • There should be nothing in the letter that mentions transients, homelessness, race, ethnicity, or religion.
    • The letter may contain information about your private security company who is authorized to make arrests.
    • The letter expires in one year and must be resubmitted each year.

    Sample Letter

    “My name is (your name). I am the (owner, employee, manager, etc.) of (Company Name) located at (business address). My phone contact information is (your phone number). I have called the Anaheim police and requested trespassing warnings be given to people in the form of “street checks”. I authorize the Anaheim Police Department to make trespassing arrests at this property of subjects who have been warned via “street checks” (list named individuals if you have it but this is optional).

    Since I have called the police to warn these persons in the past and I am aware a documented warning was given, I authorize the arrest pursuant to PC 837 of the California Penal Code for a violation of PC 602. I agree to appear in court if subpoenaed in any subsequent prosecution of this defendant. I will keep the people informed of my whereabouts.”

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