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Monthly Billing Enrollment Form

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  3. Acceptance to enroll in Monthly Billing

    Please read, and check “Agree” if you wish to enroll into Monthly Billing. 

    Residential customers in our Monthly Billing program will be billed monthly for Electric only and to be billed bi-monthly for Water. You will be billed monthly for Electric and see your Electric charges for that current billing cycle. One month you will not see any Water charges of any type. The following month you will be billed for 2 months of water usage on one bill, and one month of Electric charges. 

    If you are interested in enrolling in our Monthly Billing program, first please read and agree to the list of terms and conditions below: 

    You understand and agree that: 

    • You must have an AMI Smart Electric Meter. If you do not, APU will exchange the current meter to an AMI meter. 
    • Bills will be monthly with actual reads on your Electric meter, and bi-monthly for your Water meter.
    • If after enrolling in the monthly billing program, you wish to revert back to bi-monthly, you must wait for a period of 12 months before you are eligible to enroll again.
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